The Pleasant Riders Snowmobile Club grooms trails S42 and S43.  Click on a trail for additional comments.  We hope you enjoy our trails and please ride responsibly and remember to yield to groomers!

Please be aware that many area snowmobile trails are on private property and landowners are gracious enough to allow access.  Please stay on marked trails and respect the landowner's property.  Remember, it only takes one person to ruin things for everyone!


TRAIL UPDATES-: The spy lake trail was groomed 1/3 to spy lake. We're hoping the logging will be done soon

Another  update.

The spy lake trail was groomed yesterday from Rt 10 to the oxbow inn. The center section is now open and the logging has ended. The trail is in fair shape with a few washouts.

The oxbow and fawn lake trails were groomed but took an extreme beating from the rains. There are many washouts on both trails. Exercise caution when riding on them 


Just got word from the town of arietta that are trails are closed due to extreme washouts and dangerous icy conditions. With rain coming later today we have stopped all grooming. When conditions change we will let everyone know