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Anyone can support multiple clubs in New York though club memberships.  NYSSA membership is only charged for the first club membership you purchase.  Like each other club, we are 100% volunteer and depend on active members to keep the trails open to the public!  Snowmobiling is self supporting in New York, the expenses are paid by snowmobilers to create and maintain the statewide snowmobile trail system.  Most of the trails maintained are multi-use trails used year round, to the benefit of the public.

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Our club area is located within the towns of Arietta and Lake Pleasant in Hamilton county, the heart of the central Adirondacks.  Our typical riding season is over 4 months, from December through mid April.

Tourism is the economy for our county.  Snowmobiling drives our winter tourism attracting visitors from all over New York and neighboring states each winter.  We promote the nature, scenery, and hospitality of our area to enhance local tourism for the betterment of our community.

We work in cooperation with the towns to groom and maintain trails designated for snowmobile use throughout the year.  Currently our club owns 2 Class A groomers and 2 Class C groomers.  We are also dedicated to the advancement of snowmobiling safety. Each fall a New York State Snowmobile Safety course is taught by club volunteers at no cost to the participants.

We appreciate the partnership with our landowners, and remind all snowmobilers to tread lightly wherever the trail leads you.  Landowners allowing access to snowmobile clubs are protected by the provisions of the NYS General Obligations Law.  Landowners participating in the NYS snowmobile trail system are also provided liability coverage under the NYSSA insurance policy at no cost to the property owner. 

Please join our club and get in on the fun and the action!